Monday, September 26, 2005

I crashed!! but who cares I had a great weekend ;-)

Tried to log on this weekend and my 'puter crashed on me. I got a message which says:
Well this computer jargon is double Dutch to me!!!

It could have been a blessing in disguise because instead of sticking my face in front of the monitor, I actually had a fun weekend completely 'puter free.

I had been invited as a guest by a Kindergarten to watch their concert at Vistana Hotel, and give out the graduation certificates, along with the Education Minister, and a USM Professor. Boy it was fun watching those inocent little kids.
Brought tears to my eyes! It was also fun being a "VIP for a day" (possibly last!) When we eventually were invited to partake in the buffet lunch after the concert, everyone rushed to the buffet line...It was scary cos I discovered that I have adopted the typical Malaysian habit and thinking of "every man for himself." I was almost ready to jump from my resplendant VIP seat (complete with silver bow) , barge through the stampede and try and get first in the queue....however a sweet lady came over and said the minister, the professor and myself (Puan)...."Please come this way to your table". We were escorted to a private area of the ballroom and seated at a fully set table , including resplendant VIP chairs...ya know, the ones with big silver bows tied at the back. Our food was served by waiters, whilst we watched all the other guys clambering over each other to get to the buffet table.
I had to make polite 'tete a tete' with the VIP's and guests at our table whilst those guys at the buffet tables were having fun! Not fair...I don't think this 'VIP for a day' really suits me! I mean, how does one carry tupperware in ones petite handbag for all the leftovers when one is a VIP??

Friday, September 23, 2005

I fiddled and did it!!!!

I am soooooo excited...I actually managed to do the 'arty farty' thing and upload photo's yeahhhh. I will be up amongst the high end bloggers soon...whilst I am here and can remember how to do is the logo of the moving/relocation company I have worked with for almost 7 years. A job I really love (yes true!!)
It's all I can send from the office as all my photo files are at home. Here goes: mmm not bad, but I am confused with the Tiger..he is supposed to give a bright wink, and instead it looks like someone is smashing him in the face. The wink seems to be in reverse...any techno savvy high end bloggers out there know the reason?

The ARM logo is our relocation company (settling ex-pats into Malaysia) and the Asian Tigers logo is our international household moving company...BTW our company sponsor the "Save the Tigers" & "Tiger Rewilding" project with IFFAW .

Well I am sure you enjoyed this blog (not) I was just wanting to fiddle some more with uploads...talking of which, I must now go and upload my lunch...I was craving for sambal petai with udang, and 'low and behold' our local economy rice shop opposite the office had the very thing..DROOL...♥♥♥

Introducing my 'Babies' ♥

These are my "babies" Chris (Bah) 21 and Byran (Sausage) 15. They are the love of my life ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Solly Lah..

So sorry I didn't get to 'Blog' for some time. No excuses except I have been busy with work, and busy reading everyone else's 'Blogs'! I have a nosy streak in me..
Wah...some people are soooo creative. They have put my neatly planned blogging ambitions to shame. I will have to plan more....but then again, I guess the original reason people blogg is just to off-load anything to anyone out there who wants to listen. Then some 'smarter' ones came along with a bit of creativity, and now it has become a I guess I can stick to my original, humble plans of blogging, and just hope there will be someone out there who will pity my plain humble blogging...
It's actually very therapeutic and good for ones health..I guess. Today for example I was reading my God Brothers blog (you can see his blog site on my page) and I got nosy and went into his blog friends page, and ended up in tears laughing at some of his friends postings...particularly his photo pages as there was some great comedy music there I was laughing away. All my colleagues wandering why I enjoy my job so much that I can laugh so heartily...then I went into one of that guys Blog friends page, and hers was all 'arty-farty' cool photo's and the like...I discovered I could use her photo's as background wallpaper on the ' I had the choice of either a beautiful sky with the sun blazing through the clouds...or the previous guys photo with a side view of his thigh (naked) and his perfectly formed butt....mmmm the choices....but of course as I am in the office I have to make the right choice and look like the angelic persona I portray (not)...(Oh what fun with choices I will have for wallpaper on my home 'puter when I get back!!! (rubbing my hands together and beaming)
Anyway back to the blog being therapeutic...well after all the laughter and tittering, I then logged into one of my friends blogs and ended up with tears..she had me in tears last week with her blog, and today when I read her updates, I saw a paragraph which I immediately recognized as a message about me, and *sniffle* the tears flowed again...
I dread to think what emotions I will encounter on the next blog I choose to invade! Could be dangerous!!
Well it's time to turn off here at the office, and rush home to find some 'real me' wallpaper to post on my home computer from someone's wicked blog site hee hee....
I have made a pact with myself that when I blog, I will not read before I post it...otherwise I know I will cringe at myself and change it here you go folks...the real me...
Stay gets better..I promise ♥♥♥

Monday, September 12, 2005

Dinda's First Blog Day

I have received a few Blogs of late from family and friends. I kind of wandered where they all got the time to write to these blog sites. However I suddenly figured out what a very cool thing blogging actually is.

I have always found it difficult to sit with my face in the computer after a long day at work to individually answer all the thousands (well a lot anyway ;-)) of mails I receive from all over the world from family and friends...
Yo Dude' I am "Bloggin It"..bling bling and all...way cool..(sorry an overdose of MTV awards last night!)

Anywayz now, with one blog, and one click of a button, I can "kill thousands of mails with one click".
It is also a cool place to offload...I have been deeply moved reading some of the blogs I have received. It has allowed me to know the people around me better as they share their most intimate inner thoughts and feelings

For example...I didn't realize that someone I know and love very much had suffered a miscarriage and had suffered hang-ups about past family matters... I wasn't there for them cos I hadn't been in touch enough.
I didn't realize that someone I always thought was totally confident, had hang-ups about themselves and perhaps needed some TLC at times...
I found through blog that I recently gained a new tiny cousin who has a heart & health problem, and now I can see all the updates on her progress through blog...and the support her family are getting from total strangers is a total blast.

Blogging will be like having a friend and confident to offload to, and the plus side will be EVERYONE out there will be there to read, share and possibly give advise when needed...WOW..I will never be lonely again ;-)

Mind you, on the other side of the coin..I had better beware what I do write (LOL) and as my Mum and Dad rightfully taught me, I will have to 'watch my P's & Q's" although nowadays it may have changed to "F's and S's" LOL

Well I haven't really written anything about myself today..I am new lah!! Wait lah!!! Now I've got to figure out what to do next....HELP......

PHEW!! Thank goodness I found spell check..although it doesn't recognise 2 words!! My name and blog! When I type blogging, it reverts to flogging LOL

Have a great Sunnyday...Love n Hugs,